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  November - 2017  

21st [Tuesday] & 22nd [Wednesday] November 2017

at the Cinnamon Grand, Colombo.
and the theme is

Banks are vital component of an economy and play a major role in the society. Banking is continuously evolving with the advancement of technology and changing customer behaviour reshaping the competition all the time. Adding to that, tightening regulatory measures pose new challenges for banks to meet expectations of stake holders and demanding customers. Changing external environment make things further complicated; both in terms of opportunities and challenges. In this dynamic scenario, banks need to redefine processes and procedures, harnessing opportunities available in the environment while providing superior customer service to deliver greater performance in an ethical and moral manner. The question is how banks should prepare for this challenge.



Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy, Governor, Central Bank of Sri Lanka


Mr Tariq Bajwa, Governor, State Bank of Pakistan





Technical Session – 1

9.00 –9.35 a.m.

35 minutes

Trade-winds Redirected 
[Geo-Political and Economic Landscape]

China and India are emerging as new economic power houses in the world while US, EU, Britain and other leading nations are trailing in their economic progress. “One belt, one road” project of China may have objectives beyond economic expectations. Meanwhile, Middle East, a region that generates a lot of much needed foreign exchange for our country is experiencing challenges and uncertainties. Understanding these geopolitical changes is very important for the country to position the business strategies in a changing competitive environment.

Dr. Harinda Vidanage,
Director, Bandaranayake Centre for International Studies



Technical Session – 2

9.35-10.10 a.m.

35 minutes

Pathfinders to the Fore 
[Preparing Banks to Embrace Change]

How banks should prepare to embrace the new economic landscape resulting from the geopolitical changes in the region and the other parts of the world.

Mr. Ralph Van Doorn,
Resident Senior Word Bank Economist



Discussion – 1

10.10 -10.50 a.m.

40 minutes

Panel Discussion

Covering the above two inter related topics discussions will indicate how banks in Sri Lanka should prepare to face these external changes and adapt to new order.

Moderator: Mr. Dilshan Rodrigo, Chief Operating Officer, HNB
Panelists: Mr. Anushka Wijesinghe,
                Dr. Harinda Vidanage
                Mr. Ralph Van Doorn


10.50-11.20 a.m.





Technical Session – 3

11.20 a.m.
        -12.20 p.m.

60 minutes

Rules of the Game - Three Distinct Areas of Regulations

  • IFRS 9

The BASEL III and IFRS 9 will have a huge impact on banks in terms of conducting business, leveraging on capital, identifying non-performing advances, recognizing profit etc. On the other hand identifying the right customers within the prescribed regulatory framework has become a key challenge, especially in developing economies like Sri Lanka. (There will be three short presentations on the selected regulatory areas followed by a panel discussion.)


  • Basel III:

Mr. Aby Eapen, E&Y India

  • IFRS9:

Mr. Sujeewa Mudalige, Managing Partner, PwC

  • Compliant Customer:

Mr. C J P Siriwardena, Deputy Governor, CBSL   


Discussion – 2

12.20 -1.00 p.m.

40 minutes

Discussion will focus on the regulatory areas selected and how banks should prepare for the challenges. 

Mr. Mr. Naomal Goonewardena

Panelists: the three speakers.


1.00 -2.00 p.m.





Technical Session – 4

2.00 -2.45 p.m.

45 minutes

The Encoded World  
[Digitalization Revolutionizes Banking]

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, so are the technological applications in banking. Banks without physical infrastructure, keeping transactions recorded in block chains, use of bitcoin as a crypto currency, use of iClouds etc.. are the latest topics of discussion today. Banks today are totally different to the banks that existed couple of decades ago, similarly a future bank will be significantly different to banks today. How will technology influence us in this journey?  And how will the future bank appear to customers and bankers? 

The ever evolving technological advances are assisting the Banking industry and at the same time threaten it. The wave of cyber-attacks has prompted the banks to question the high reliance placed on technology. However the answer lies within the problem itself. Banks are employing ethical hackers to assure the resilience of their firewalls. At the same time enormous capital is spent on IT developments to stay ahead of the competition and to secure the systems against the new vulnerabilities.  Are Bankers and most importantly the consumers ready and willing to continuously adapt to face the new “interfaces”?

Mr. Saurabh Tripathy, Senior Partner & Director, BCG


Technical Session – 5

2.45-3.30 p.m.

45 minutes

Soldiers of the Brave New World - “Super Bankers”
[Grooming People to Take up Future Challenges of Banks in digital environment]

Unlike good old days, competencies expected from employees are nowadays significantly different with the advent of new technology, and resulting product & process innovations. It will continue to be so and the expectations of customers too will change consequently. In that backdrop an analysis of how Banks should prepare their human resource to effectively stay in the business, whilst upholding their main attribute that is needed for the sustenance of the Banking Business i.e. Trust and Respect.

Mrs. Chandi Dharmaratne
Head of HR, Virtusa


CEOs Forum

3.30 – 4.30 p.m.

60 minutes

View from the Top  [CEOs Forum]

This Forum will focus on different aspects discussed during the keynote speech and the technical sessions, and will address the concerns and opportunities presented as to how the Banks should reshape their internal processes and business to face the new world order.


Moderator: Mr. Ranel Wijesinha, Director  BOC & SEC
Mr. Lakshman Silva, CEO, DFCC Bank
Mr Nanda Fernando, MD, Sampath Bank
Mr. Mark Prothero- CEO, HSBC, Colombo
Mr. Dumith Fernando,  –Chairman, Asia Securities & Director, SEC
Dr. Nayana Dehigama, Chairman/MD -EPIC



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