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APB holds evening lecture on “Managing Innovation : Harnessing the Power of Finance”


The Association of Professional Bankers (APB), the premier organization for banking professionals and CIMA, Sri Lanka jointly organized a very successful evening lecture on 29th May at Bank of Ceylon Auditorium. APB holds several evening lectures in a calendar year and one or two of them are jointly organized with other professional bodies where there is common interest to both professions.

The discussion was on “Managing Innovation : Harnessing the Power of Finance” a topic relevant to both banking and financial management professionals presented by visiting Chief Executive of CIMA UK Mr. Charles Tilley.  Charles is a prominent advocate for global reform of corporate reporting and spent 14 years at KPMG where he became a partner in 1986. Charles is a member of the International Integrated Reporting Council and chaired their Technical Task Force at present.

Charles elaborated on how management accountants should play their role in creating values for stakeholders of a business. Then he brought in a concept called innovation lifecycle and how someone enable innovation and manage risk in each phase of the cycle assuring meaningful value creation. Presentation was followed by a very fruitful question and answer session drawing various perspectives into the equation. A dialogue went on whether the stringent compliance and regulatory framework exists in the financial industry hinder the innovation and whether the value creation through innovation is adequately rewarded in the market etc.

Over 150 banking professionals attended this evening lecture program. APB has planned to hold many similar programs during the coming months aimed at continuous professional development of bankers in the country.




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