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August 13, 2014 - OZO COLOMBO, Clifford Place, Colombo 04

Cutting the 300th Council Meeting Cake

The Association of Professional Bankers of Sri Lanka held their 300th Council meeting at OZO Colombo on Wednesday  13TH August 2014.

Popularly known by all professional bankers as APB  was formed in 1988 by a group of  dedicated  Senior Bankers with the following Key objectives.

1   Undertake, promote and facilitate studies in the field of banking and allied subjects.
2   Plan and organize teaching and training programmes in the field of banking
3   Knowledge Management : The New Challenge in Managing Human Resource in Banking.
4   Promote and safeguard the common interests of the profession.
5   Promote fellowship and understanding among members of the Association.

Each year a council comprising of bankers holding senior and responsible positions are elected to organize the activities of APB for the year with a view to achieve the above objectives.

All untiring efforts with total dedication in carrying out the activities of APB by these professionals is purely on voluntary basis.  

Most of APBs objectives are achieved by organising, inter-alia, lectures, seminars and various training programmes so as to enable the bankers to keep abreast with the latest developments in their profession. Such programmes covered not only the subject of banking but also other related areas such as technology, management, marketing etc., Senior Executives of Banks were also given the opportunity to participate in various educational programmes organised by the Association on very useful subjects that are of interest to them as banking professionals.

In 1998 a special mega event to be held on an annual basis was introduced “ THE ANNUAL CONVENTION” . This event is held with a fitting theme and continues for two days with many interesting and valuable presentations in line with the theme being made by prominent personalities including from overseas . Now this is a much looked forward to event each year by the bankers as well as the banks who want to enhance the knowledge and skills of their senior staff by making them attend a valuable event as this convention.

300 Council meetings since the beginning in 1988, in no uncertain terms absolutely reflects the commitment and dedication by the council members who have held office over the years to ensure that without doubt the objectives of APB are met, which is a benefit to society as a whole.

This is evident from the increasing number of membership, where, as at date APB has over 1000 members and for this year to date more than 100 have already joined.

The convention this year will be held on 16 and 17 October at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel and the theme is “RESHAPING BANKING FOR CHANGING TIMES”    

The Governor of the Central Mr A N Cabraal will  grace this event as the Chief Guest.




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